Many of the rules in Turkey are similar to European countries. It is known that most laws are taken from European countries. Turkey is not a member of the European Union. However, Turkey is very close to Europe. You can refer to the articles titled “Is Turkey in Europe” and “Is Turkey in the Middle East” on this subject.

Drug use is not very common in Turkey. In addition, all acts such as selling, storing and transporting drugs are considered crimes in Turkey. In addition, hemp bread is considered a crime.

The penalty for drug dealing in Turkey is very high. It is known that drug dealers are given prison sentences of between 10 and 15 years. Penalties vary depending on the type of drug sold. For example, heroin sales appear to have higher penalties. It is not legal to use drugs in Turkey. Drug users in Turkey receive prison sentences. According to Turkish law, the sentence of a person caught for the first time for drug use is suspended for once. However, if the same person uses drugs again, they are given a prison sentence. It is known that Turkish police are sensitive about drugs. It is seen that the Turkish police frequently carry out drug operations. Drug dealers and drug users are not viewed well in Turkish society.


It is known that drugs are smuggled into Turkey from the Iranian border, as Turkey is located on the Afghanistan route. It is seen that the Turkish security forces have taken serious measures against the shipment of drugs.
Smoking is allowed in Turkey. However, it is a crime to use cigarettes made from drugs. You can find detailed information about smoking in Turkey in the article titled “Why Turks Smoke So Much“.

Turkey is generally a safe country. On this subject, you can take a look at the article titled “Is Turkey Safe“. Especially around the schools are protected from drug dealers. Turkey is struggling with drug addiction. It is known that various state institutions, associations and foundations operate to combat drugs.
Many of the people in Turkey believe in Islam. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Islam.


However, a large number of people in Turkey consume alcohol. You can learn about alcohol consumption in Turkey from the article titled “Is Alcohol Prohibited in Turkey“. With the recent price hikes, alcohol prices in Turkey have increased tremendously. Although the sale and consumption of alcohol is allowed, the sale of drugs is prohibited. Selling drugs is seen as one of the most serious crimes in Turkey.

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