The majority of Turkey’s population is Muslim. You can read the articles titled “Which Religion is Turkey” and “Is Turkey a Muslim Country” on information about religion in Turkey. Although Turkey is a Muslim country, it is very similar to European countries. Turkey is a neighboring country to Europe. You can read the article titled “Is Turkey in Europe” about Turkey’s relations with Europe.

Cola is produced in Turkey. Coke can be found in many shopping malls. All of the internationally known coke companies are located in Turkey. It is known that brands such as the famous cola brand Coca-Cola and Pepsi are producing and selling in Turkey.

The famous cola brand Coca-Cola opened its first factory in Turkey on September 18, 1964. Today, Coca-Cola has 11 coke factories in Turkey. It is also known that Coca-Cola sells water in Turkey. In addition, Pepsi has many factories in Turkey. It is known that Pepsi has been producing and selling in Turkey since 1965. In addition, coke is produced by some companies in Turkey, apart from the brands known all over the world. These brands are ‘Le Cola’ and ‘Bi Cola’ brands. It is observed that the prices of these colas produced in factories in Turkey are cheaper than brands such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Since 2003, local companies in Turkey have started to produce coke. Trying to compete with international companies, these companies still continue production. Finally, a beverage that can be an alternative to cola has been found in Turkey. A beverage named ‘NO-ON’ was produced by a company named ‘Torku’. Torku company officials say that this drink is neither cola nor soda, but a unique new flavor. It is observed that many people in Turkey prefer this beverage. Coke is allowed to be sold in Turkey. You can buy Coke from any market or other sales points. Coke prices differ in different regions of Turkey. It is possible to buy 2.5 liters of Coke for 1 dollar in Turkey. Coke prices are quite cheap.

Cola is a widely consumed beverage in Turkey. It is highly preferred because it is non-alcoholic. According to studies, cola addiction is extremely common in Turkey. It is estimated that a large number of people are addicted to cola.
It is said that there are even people who drink 5 liters of cola a day. In addition, cigarette addiction is quite high in Turkey. You can find information on this subject in the article titled “Why Turks Smoke So Much“. There is alcohol addiction in Turkey. You can find information on these issues in the article titled “Is Alcohol Prohibited in Turkey“.

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