Many people from Russia come to Turkey. It is known that a large number of Russian citizens visit Turkey, especially for vacation and travel purposes. On this subject, “Which are the Best Holiday Villages in Turkey“, “How Long Does a Turkey Visa Take“, “How Much Does a Trip to Turkey Cost“, “What to Bring from Turkey“, “Turkey- We recommend that you read the articles titled “How Much Does It Cost To Travel To Russia“, “How Much Does It Cost To Travel To Turkey” and “What It Takes To Enter Turkey“.

About 3,000 who are from Turkey, Russia away.

Turkey and Russia do not have land borders. Therefore, it is not possible for someone traveling from Russia by car to reach Turkey without entering the borders of other countries. However, it is still possible to travel to Turkey by car. There are two routes to travel from Russia to Turkey. The first of these is the European route. The other route is to enter Turkey via Georgia. Before the Ukraine-Russia war, the most preferred route was the European route. However, due to the Ukraine-Russia war, land travel to Turkey via Europe does not seem possible.


Currently, the safest and only alternative for Russian citizens who want to travel to Turkey by car is to enter Turkey via Georgia. However, considering the long distance between Russia and Turkey, and the provision of transportation to Turkey by transiting from different countries, it is recommended that you go to Turkey by air, not by land. Because currently, fuel prices in Turkey are quite high. Although gasoline and diesel prices vary slightly from city to city, they are generally around 20-23 TL, or 6 rubles. When entering from Georgia, there is a distance of approximately 1,000 km from Istanbul. There is Sarp Border Gate with Georgia to Turkey. It is possible to enter Turkey through the Sarp Border Gate. At this distance, the fuel cost of an average vehicle will exceed 1,000 Rubles.
In addition, it is seen that Russian citizens usually go to Antalya, which is located in the coastal region of Turkey, for vacation in June, July and August. For a Russian citizen entering Turkey from Georgia, you have to travel 1,400 km to reach Antalya. It is very important from which city to travel from Russia. Traveling to Turkey by car from the northern regions of Russia seems very difficult and costly. Considering the air ticket prices, we recommend you to travel by air. There are many flights from Russia to Turkey from many cities. Read the article titled “How Much is a Turkey-Russia Ticket” about ticket prices. There are also many companies that organize travel and holiday tours from Russia to Turkey. We recommend that you contact a reliable company.

On the other hand, when you travel to Turkey by plane, you can rent a car in the city where you landed. There is a developed car rental sector in Turkey. It is known that car rentals vary according to the brand and model. It is possible to rent an average vehicle between 500 and 800 Rubles per day in Antalya. For this, you need to contact a reliable car rental company.

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