English education is quite common in Turkey. In Turkish schools, English lessons begin to be taught from the first grades. However, the rate of those who speak English is not high in Turkey. According to researches, the rate of those who speak English in Turkey is around 20%. It is estimated that the rate of people who can speak English at a basic level is 30%. There are many universities in Turkey that teach in English. It can be said that the people who graduated from these universities, where the language of education is completely English, speak English very well. Universities such as Koç University, Middle East Technical University, Istanbul Technical University, Bilkent University can be given as examples. You can find detailed information about universities in Turkey in the article titled “When Does University Start in Turkey“. It is also observed that many British and Americans travel to Turkey for vacation and touristic purposes. It is known that many British citizens come to Turkey especially during the summer holidays. There are many British and Americans who spend the months of June, July and August in Turkey. Especially the coastal regions of Turkey are a very good choice for summer holidays. You can find detailed information on these subjects in the article titled “Which Are the Best Holiday Villages in Turkey“.

Although the rate of speaking English is low in Turkey, it is known that tourists do not have difficulties. In particular, it is seen that the people and organizations that provide services to tourists consist of people who speak English. Therefore, we would like to point out that an English-speaking person in Turkey can travel without any problems.  According to research, Turkey ranks 73rd among 88 countries in English proficiency ranking. Although Turkey does not seem to be at a good level in such studies, it can be said that Turkish companies are at a sufficient level in the field of business English. In addition, Turkey is a country that can be preferred in terms of English in the field of tourism. It is known that many hotels, restaurants and entertainment centers take measures regarding English. In addition, it is seen that there are English explanations on almost all signs and indicators in Turkey. English signs are used in many social areas such as museums, hotels and restaurants.


There are many people in Turkey who want to learn the English language. It is also known that English courses in the country are quite expensive. On the other hand, it is observed that many Turkish citizens go abroad to learn a language and receive education.


According to a study conducted in Turkey, a Turkish student receives an average of 1000 hours of English education in 12 years. Many experts in Turkey advocate a method change in English education.

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