Actually, Turkey and Russia are two nations that have fought throughout history. The Ottoman Empire and the Russian Tsardom fought many times. However, between 1918, when the Turkish War of Independence was fought, and 1922, a cooperation was established between the Turkish warriors under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who carried out the war at that time, and the Bolsheviks. In 1925, an agreement of friendship and non-aggression was signed between the Turkish State and the USSR. But this cooperation and friendship did not last long. Relations between Turkey and Russia became tense again in the 1945s. The USSR gave a note to Turkey on March 19, 1945 and declared that it would not renew the friendship agreement signed in 1925. As the USSR President Stalin threatened Turkey, Turkey became even closer with Western countries. In 1952, Turkey became a member of NATO, which was established by Western countries. You can review the article titled “Is Turkey a NATO Member” on this subject.

Turkey is not a country that supports Russia. There are good relations between Turkey and Russia. But it is not possible to say that Turkey supports Russia. There are close trade relations between the two countries. Turkey buys many products from Russia, mainly natural gas and coal. Russia buys many products, especially fruits and vegetables, in Turkey. Relations between Turkey and Russia have deteriorated at times. On November 24, 2015, a Su-24 type fighter jet belonging to the Turkish Russian Army was shot down by the Turkish Army on the grounds that it violated the border.

Thereafter, political problems arose between Russia and Turkey. But relations were later fixed. It can be said that the relations between Turkey and Russia are at a good level at the moment. It is known that a large number of Russians live in Turkey.

There are many Russian citizens in Turkey, especially in the coastal areas. Especially in the summer months, a large number of people in Russia come to the coastal regions of Turkey, especially the province of Antalya. You can find detailed information about this subject in the article titled “Which Are the Best Holiday Villages in Turkey“. In addition, the ‘Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant’, which is being built in Mersin in Turkey, is being built by Russian companies. This power plant is Turkey’s first nuclear power plant. It is stated that Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant will be operational in 2023.

There is no land border between Russia and Turkey. There are sea transportation and air transportation between Turkey and Russia via the Black Sea. Detailed information on this subject is explained in the article titled “How Far is Turkey from Russia“.

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