Turkey is a very big country. There are many animal species in Turkey. Turkey is one of the rare countries where 4 seasons can be experienced at the same time. You can learn general information about the climate and weather conditions in Turkey from the article titled “How is the weather in Turkey in October“.

Many animals live in Turkey. But some animals are extinct. Some animals are in danger of extinction. There are many animal-loving organizations in Turkey. It is also known that the Turkish state has given authority to many institutions to protect the animal generation. There is a serious effort to protect endangered animals in Turkey.
The Anatolian leopard is one of the most endangered animals in Turkey. It was thought that this animal species, which resembles a tiger, lived in Turkey for a while, but is currently extinct. It is said that hunters and enthusiasts in Turkey are looking for this animal. The last individual of the Anatolian leopard was shot by a hunter in Ankara in 1974. Animal-loving people who want to prove that leopards live in Turkey have made nature walks for a long time and searched in various regions. It is thought that leopards are extinct in Turkey due to excessive and uncontrolled hunting.

Experts say that the penalties to be given should be increased in order to prevent uncontrolled hunting. Currently, the penalty for hunting leopards in Turkey is to pay at least 50,000 TL. However, the photos of the parcel were published by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture in May 2022. With these photographs, it is understood that leopards still live in Turkey. The Turkish Ministry of Agriculture did not provide information about the location of leopards in order to protect them from hunters and curious people.

Turkey is a country that can be a habitat for many animals with its rich vegetation and natural resources. You can find information about Turkey’s geographical features in the articles titled “Is Turkey in Europe” and “Is Turkey in the Middle East“. However, many animals are in danger of extinction in Turkey. According to experts, there are 16 endangered animal species in Turkey. 16 animal species are in danger of extinction. Some of these animals are bird species and some are deer species.

The following animals are shown as examples of endangered animals in Turkey: striped hyena, Mediterranean monk seal, ‘Bard ibis’ bird, Steppe eagle, fallow deer. For the protection of these animals, Turkish state institutions and nature associations are struggling in cooperation. It is seen that many nature-loving and animal-loving people are engaged in voluntary activities.

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