The markets in Turkey have been extremely volatile and uncertain in recent years. The fluctuations in exchange rates, the Covid-19 process and the political and economic crises in the world have affected Turkey’s economy. For these reasons, finding a job in Turkey is not as easy as it used to be. However, job opportunities are still plentiful. We recommend you to read the articles “Job Opportunities in Turkey“, “Is There a Job in Turkey“.

Also, establishing a company and investing in Turkey is very advantageous. These topics have been examined in the articles titled ”Founding a Company in Turkey” and ”Investing in Turkey”.

Finding a job in Turkey varies according to the sectors. It can be said that people whose mother tongue is English, Arabic or Russian can easily find a job in Turkey. It is known that many exporting companies employ people who speak English, Russian, German and Arabic languages. In addition, it is known that many people whose mother tongue is Chinese work in Turkey as a result of the development of commercial and political relations between Turkey and China in recent years.

Foreign language courses are very common in Turkey. Although they do not have any certificate in these foreign language courses, it is known that people who know the language taught well can work as trainers.

Summer tourism in Turkey is quite developed. Many people from Arab countries, especially European countries, and Russia spend their summer holidays in Turkey. Especially in June, July and August, summer tourism becomes more frequent. It is known that many people spend their summer months in Turkey. You can find detailed information on these subjects in the article titled “Which Are the Best Holiday Villages in Turkey“. Opportunities to work in hotels and restaurants operating in summer tourism are quite common in Turkey. It can be said that these job opportunities are mostly seasonal.

There are many ways to find a job in Turkey. In newspaper advertisements, it is seen that many employers post job advertisements. In addition, many web sites operating in Turkey can find jobs. It is seen that many companies hire workers by placing advertisements on their web sites. It is also seen that job postings are posted on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It is also known that some companies provide intermediary services to people who want to find a job in Turkey. It is possible to apply to these companies online.

In addition, people who are not Turkish citizens can work in Turkish government institutions if they get a work permit in Turkey. Issues related to work and residence permit in Turkey “Work Permit in Turkey” and “Residency Permit in Turkey” described in articles.

Turkey is a very suitable country in terms of working conditions. Weekend holidays and working hours are reasonable. You can find information about the weekend holidays in Turkey in the article titled “When is the Weekend in Turkey“.

Worker wages in Turkey have increased considerably in recent years. With the recent hikes in the minimum wage, the lowest wage in Turkey has reached the level of 350 dollars. Overtime wages have also been improved. The social security system in Turkey is very developed. It is possible to be examined in all state hospitals with an insurance registration made by any company. In addition, there are many unions in Turkey that defend workers’ rights.

Life standards in Turkey vary from region to region. Turkey’ You can learn general information about living conditions in the article titled “Is Turkey Expensive“.

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