How is the Weather in Turkey in October?

Turkey is one of the rare countries where all 4 seasons can be experienced at the same time. In Turkey, which is surrounded by the sea on three sides, seasonal characteristics vary between regions. October in Turkey coincides with the autumn season. In Turkey, different weather conditions are observed in October according to the regions. For example, in October, warm weather is seen in the regions of Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea. Especially in cities such as Antalya, Mersin and Muğla, which have coasts to the Mediterranean Sea, it is possible to swim even in October. It is possible to take a vacation in cities such as Antalya, Mersin and Muğla even in October. It is extremely nice to have a holiday in Turkey. Holiday destinations in Turkey are explained in our article titled “Which Are the Best Holiday Villages in Turkey“. June is the peak season in the coastal regions of Turkey. July and August are the months. It is observed that tourists who spend their holidays in Turkey generally prefer Turkey during these months.

How is the Weather in Turkey in October?

But since it is possible to swim in the sea in September and October, it is very advantageous to take a vacation in these months. Because many hotels and businesses are quieter and more empty compared to the peak months of the season. Thus, accommodation and other expenses are considerably reduced and holiday opportunities are created with much less cost.
On the other hand, rainy and cloudy weather is seen in the inner parts of Turkey in October. It is known that the weather in these regions is cooler than in the summer months. It can snow in October in cities such as Erzurum, Sivas, Kars and Ardahan in the eastern part of Turkey. Winter tourism is very common in these regions. With the fall of the first snow in October, ski resorts in these cities become active.

Especially the ski center named ‘Palandöken’ in Erzurum is a world famous ski resort. For ski lovers, these places are quite beautiful and advantageous. In addition, a place called ‘Uludağ’ in Bursa province of Turkey is a ski resort. It is known that a large number of people come to this ski resort for their winter vacation. Winter holidays in Turkey are quite enjoyable and the cost is low.
October is quite rainy and cool in the regions of Turkey on the Black Sea side. In provinces such as Trabzon and Rize, sudden rains can be seen in October.

October in Istanbul is warm and generally without precipitation. One of the most suitable time periods for touristic trips in Istanbul is October.

Since the weather in Turkey varies according to the regions in October, precautions should be taken according to the region to be visited or visited. For example, while the weather is hot in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, the Black Sea region and the interior are cool and rainy. There is occasional snowfall in the eastern regions.

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