Turkey has an area of ​​770 thousand square kilometers. Located between European and Middle Eastern countries, Turkey was established on a very wide geography. You can find the geographical information of Turkey in articles titled “Is Turkey in Europe” or “Is Turkey in the Middle East“.

Turkey is a developing country. Turkey has been developing rapidly in recent years. Having a young and dynamic population, Turkey has become a rising power in the world in recent years.

How many cities are there in Turkey There are 81 cities in Turkey.

There are currently 81 provinces in Turkey. Turkey is a state governed by a ‘unitary structure’. In other words, all local administrators are dependent on the center. As in the USA, the state system is not valid in Turkey. At the beginning of each province, there are governors affiliated to the center. In addition, there are mayors elected by the people at the head of each province. Governors are authorized to make political decisions. In addition, mayors manage infrastructure services and cultural activities. Istanbul is the most well-known city in Turkey. Istanbul is the commercial and industrial center of Turkey. Also, Turkey’s most populous city is Istanbul. Istanbul is also one of the world’s largest metropolises. Istanbul ranks 13th in the list of the world’s most populated cities. You can find other information about Istanbul in the article titled “What Turkey Is Most Famous For“. The number of provinces in Turkey is expected to increase in the coming years. There are counties with larger populations than most provinces. Especially in touristic areas, highly developed districts are waiting to become provinces. As an example, the district of Alanya, which is connected to the province of Antalya, can be given. We also recommend you to read the article titled “Which Are the Best Holiday Villages in Turkey” about holiday opportunities in Turkey.
Ankara, the capital of Turkey, has 4 million 425 thousand people. Many government institutions are located in Ankara. In addition, there are more than 10 universities in Ankara. For information on Turkey’s population, you can read the article titled “What is Turkey’s Population Today“.

The most populous cities of Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara are respectively; İzmir, Bursa, Antalya, Konya, Adana, Şanlıurfa, Gaziantep and Kocaeli.

The majority of the population in Turkey lives in city centers. The wave of migration from the village to the city, which started in the 1960s, still continues. Istanbul is the city most affected by this migration wave. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, the return from big cities to the village has started, albeit partially. According to researches, there has been an increase in the number of people who migrated from big cities to villages in recent years.

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