How many seas does Turkey have?
How many seas does Turkey have?

Turkey is a large and developed country. Turkey is a country located between Europe and the Middle East. For general information about Turkey, read the articles titled ”What is Turkey’s Population Today” and ”What Is Turkey Most Famous For”. You can also find information on the geographical location of Turkey in the articles titled “Is Turkey in Europe” and “Is Turkey in the Middle East“.
Turkey has 3 seas. These are the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean.

The Black Sea is a large sea located between Turkey and Russia. The Black Sea is located in the northern part of Turkey and in the southern part of Russia. The Black Sea has an area of ​​436,402 square kilometers. Fishing is done in the Black Sea. The countries bordering the Black Sea are Turkey, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia and Bulgaria. There is the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization, of which the countries bordering the Black Sea and some regional countries are also members. The founding members of this organization; Turkey, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Albania, Serbia. This organization was officially established with the declaration published as a result of the Istanbul Summit held on 25 June 1992 with the participation of the member states and is still an active organization.


As of January 1, 2022, Moldova holds the term presidency of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization. After Moldova, the presidency will be transferred to the Russian Federation.
The sea called the Aegean Sea is actually a part of the Mediterranean. However, since it differs in location, this part is called the Aegean Sea for easier understanding. The Aegean Sea is located in the western direction of Turkey. Since there are many islands on the Aegean Sea, this sea is also called the ‘Sea of ​​Islands’. The Aegean Sea is located between Anatolia and the Balkan lands. The Aegean Sea has a size of 214,000 square kilometers. The countries bordering the Aegean Sea are Turkey and Greece. There are some political disagreements between Turkey and Greece on the sea distances and the islands in the Aegean Sea.
In 2022, there were serious tensions between Turkey and Greece due to these issues. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has burdened Greece with heavy words. In his statements on June 9, 2022, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan used the words “I’m not kidding, it will end in disaster”. Earlier, it was seen that Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis made statements targeting Turkey in the US Congress. You can also read the article titled “Which Countries Does Turkey Border With” on this subject.

Another sea of ​​Turkey is the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean is a sea located in the South of Turkey and in the north of the African continent. It has a size of 2.5 million square kilometers. The Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean. The countries with a coast on the Mediterranean are as follows; Spain, France, Monaco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia,
There is political tension between Turkey, France and Greece regarding the energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean. The signing of international agreements by the Greek Cypriot side, ignoring the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus regarding the energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean, disturbed Turkey and the TRNC. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stated that they will not give up on Turkish interests in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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