Turkey is a country that receives a lot of tourists for trade, education, health and tourism. Especially Russian Federation citizens visit Turkey a lot. For relations between Turkey and Russia, read the articles titled “Does Turkey Support Russia” and “Is Turkey a 2nd World Country“.

Russian citizens prefer Turkey especially for their summer holidays. In Turkey, the summer season is experienced in the months of June, July and August. Turkey’s coastal areas are filled with tourists from abroad during these months. It is known that Russian citizens generally prefer Antalya for their holidays. It is also seen that German and British citizens come to Turkey for vacation.  Read the articles titled “Which Are the Best Holiday Villages in Turkey” on this subject.

There are many companies in Russia that organize a holiday to Turkey. It is possible to travel to Turkey with much more economical and advantageous holiday packages. For this, you should contact reliable tour companies. Also, air ticket prices between Russia and Turkey are important for your Turkey trip. We recommend you to read the article titled “How Much is a Turkey-Russia Ticket” on this subject.

The area where tourists spend the most money in Turkey is accommodation expenses. You can find information on the expenditures of tourists coming to Turkey in the article titled “What to Bring from Turkey”. There are great hotels in Turkey. In Turkey, in June, July and August, 5-star hotel prices are around 1,500 Rubles per person per day. A Russian Federation citizen who wants to spend a week in Turkey can be expected to spend between 15 and 20,000 Rubles on average. However, the money to be spent may vary depending on the hotel to be accommodated, places to visit and the duration of the holiday.

Russians who want to spend the whole of the summer months, namely June, July and August in Turkey, should sacrifice a price of at least 50,000 Rubles. In addition, we recommend the article titled “How Much Does a Turkey Trip Cost” for information on how much a trip to Turkey will cost for citizens of other countries.

Visas are not applied to Russian citizens in Turkey until a certain period of time. However, Russian citizens who will stay longer must obtain a visa in Turkey. You can learn about this subject in the article titled “How Much is a Visa to Turkey

In addition, another issue you should pay attention to when traveling to Turkey is how much cash you can bring with you. Read the article titled “How Much Cash Can I Bring to Turkey” on this subject.

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