Investing in Turkey is a subject that has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. So, is it safe to invest in Turkey? Which sectors are more profitable to invest in? Can foreigners invest in Turkey? Is it profitable to invest in Turkey?


1-) Is it possible to invest in Turkey? Is It Safe to Invest in Turkey?
There are many sectors to invest in in Turkey. Investing in Turkey is completely safe. Land registry and vehicle records are kept very regularly by the state. When any investment is made, the legal source can be found easily. Compared to the Middle East countries, Turkey has a highly developed law enforcement and law enforcement.


2-) What to Invest in Turkey? What to Invest in Turkey?
Real estate seems to be the most profitable investment in Turkey, especially considering the recent exchange rate increases. Because of the rapid population growth, immigration and similar reasons, there have been increases in house rents. On the other hand, housing and other real estate prices in Turkey have increased tremendously in recent years. Experts insist that this increase will continue for many years to come. In addition, there are many advantages of acquiring real estate in Turkey. For example, buying real estate in Turkey with a value above the amount determined according to Turkish laws easily opens many ways such as transitioning to Turkish citizenship, residence and work permits. We have explained this subject in detail in our article “Turkish Citizenship“.



On the other hand, a person who makes a fixed capital investment of at least 500,000 USD will be able to acquire citizenship in Turkey. Persons who have invested in employment for at least 50 people, invested at least 500,000 USD or equivalent in foreign currency in banks in Turkey, provided that they hold the investment for three years, and make similar investments, will also be able to obtain Turkish citizenship. The details of transitioning to Turkish citizenship through investment are explained in detail in our “Turkish Citizenship” article.


3-) Which Sector Should Invest in Turkey? Which Sector Should Invest in Turkey?
Which sector in Turkey should be invested in is a curious subject. Many Turkish citizens and non-Turkish citizens who want to invest in Turkey wonder the answer to this question. As we mentioned above, due to the uncertainty and fluctuations in exchange rates recently, the most preferred sector for investment in Turkey is the real estate sector. In the real estate sector, the biggest cities of Turkey such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bursa and Konya are among the most preferred cities. It is known that especially Russian and British citizens prefer Istanbul and Antalya, while Arab and Iranian citizens prefer Istanbul and Bursa.


On the other hand, investing in a car in Turkey is an extremely attractive investment. For those who are not citizens of Turkey, the taxes collected from Turkish citizens by the Turkish State are not collected in the sale of cars. For this reason, buying a vehicle in Turkey is a profitable investment for non-Turkish citizens. In addition, with the excessive price increases and fluctuations seen in the second-hand vehicle market in Turkey in recent years, vehicle buying and selling has turned into an extremely profitable investment.


Apart from buying real estate and cars, there are many sectors and areas to invest in in Turkey. Non-Turkish citizens can also establish a company in Turkey and operate in any field they wish. There are a large number of foreigners who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey, but who trade and invest in Turkey. It is also stated in the Turkish state statistics that these foreigners earn a lot of money, and it is also stated by many experts. Details about establishing a company and doing business in Turkey are explained in our article titled “Founding a Company in Turkey“.

It is known that imports in Turkey are more than exports. Turkey imports raw materials, technological tools and similar products from many countries. There are investment and trade opportunities in all of these areas. It is known that many foreign companies operate in the import sector in Turkey.


4-) Is Gold and Dollar Investment Possible in Turkey?
It is possible to invest in gold and dollars in Turkey. Deposits in gold, dollars and other currencies can be kept through the bank account. Keeping foreign currency in bank accounts above the minimum limit determined by Turkish laws is extremely advantageous for obtaining Turkish citizenship. This subject is explained in our article “Turkish Citizenship“.

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