Is Gold Cheap In Turkey ? Is Gold Investment Made in Turkey ? Is It Safe to Invest in Gold in Turkey?
Gold is seen as the safest investment tool all over the world. It is known that a large number of people invest their money in gold investment. Gold investment differs from country to country.


Is It Possible to Invest in Gold in Turkey?

Is It Safe to Invest in Gold in Turkey ?


It is possible to invest in gold in Turkey. Gold investment in Turkey is extremely safe.

How Much is Gold in Turkey?

It is possible to buy gold physically or open a gold account in Turkish banks. It is known that many people invest in gold, especially in the place called ‘Grand Bazaar’ in Istanbul. Many jewelers operate in the Grand Bazaar. Grand Bazaar is the largest bazaar in the world. It is also said to be one of the oldest bazaars in the world. Here you can easily make your gold investments.
Investing in gold in Turkey is an extremely profitable way. Because, with the depreciation of the Turkish Currency TL against currencies such as dollar, euro, riyal and ruble, it has become extremely cheap to buy gold in Turkey. Currently, the value of 1 gram of gold in Turkey is between 800 and 1000 TL.

– In Turkey, 1 gram of gold is around 40-55 dollars.
– In Turkey, 1 gram of gold is in the 40-55 euro band as euros. .
– 1 gram of gold in Turkey is around 200 riyals.
– 1 gram of gold in Turkey varies between 240 rubles and 300 rubles.

It is possible to open a gold account in banks operating in Turkey. Gold buying and selling transactions can be made through these accounts. From time to time, there are differences in buying and selling prices in banks. However, transaction security and speed make it attractive to invest in gold through the bank.
In Turkey, investments can be made in many sectors other than gold. Investing in Turkey is very easy and profitable. This subject has been examined in the article titled “Investing in Turkey“. In addition, it is very easy to establish a company in Turkey and obtain a tax number in order to invest. These topics are explained in articles titled “Establishing a Company in Turkey” and “How to Get a Tax Number in Turkey“. It’s between $100. Quarter gold varies between 90 euros and 100 euros. A quarter of gold in Turkey is around 500 rubles. Quarter gold in Turkey is between 400 and 420 riyals.

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