As it is known, Turkey is a traditional country. Although secularism is accepted in the Turkish Constitution, Turkish people are generally religious people. Homosexuality is not common in Turkey. The number of homosexual individuals is very small. Also, homosexual individuals find it difficult to explain their preferences. Because homosexual individuals are afraid of social pressure and reaction. In Turkey, any individual can be excluded when he declares that he is homosexual. For this reason, the results of researches on homosexuality in Turkey are not reliable. In recent years, it has been observed that homosexual groups have become more visible in Turkey.

According to a study, the rate of acceptance of homosexuality in Turkey has increased to 25% in recent years. It is seen that various associations, foundations and non-governmental organizations in Turkey defend gay rights. However, Turkish society has not accepted homosexuality. There is a great hatred and anger against homosexuality in some sections of Turkish society. However, there is no article in Turkish laws that strictly prohibits homosexuality. Same-sex marriage is legal in 28 countries in the world and 16 countries in Europe. Homosexuality is not something that is legally prohibited in Turkey. However, same-sex marriage is not allowed under Turkish law. In other words, according to Turkish law, it is forbidden for a man to marry a man. According to Turkish law, it is forbidden for a woman to marry a woman. According to Turkish law, only male-female marriage is allowed. Also, same-sex marriages outside Turkey are not recognized in Turkey. Homosexuals are not punished in Turkey.

There are even famous Turkish artists who have changed their gender. An example is the Turkish artist named Bülent ERSOY. It is also known that many famous people and social media phenomena are gay in Turkey. It is also claimed that many famous people hide their homosexuality.

The claims of homosexuals continue in Turkey. There are many organizations defending LGBTI+ rights. It is known that LGBTI+ organizations defend homosexuality in Turkey with activities such as demonstrations and marches. It is said that these activities are not prohibited.

It is known that LGBTI+ organizations in Turkey organize the Istanbul Pride Parade every year. This march was first held in June 2003. It is a march that is held every year. It can be said that most of the penalties given are fines.


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