Turkey is a very large and developed country. Although it is neighbor to Middle Eastern countries, it is not possible to compare Turkey with Middle Eastern countries. The country with a population of 84 million has many developed cities and a good infrastructure. Turkey is a safer and more peaceful country than most Middle Eastern countries.


It is absolutely safe to vacation in Turkey. It is known that a large number of people come to Turkey for a holiday. It is seen that British, German, French and Russian citizens prefer Turkey for vacation. It is known that most people spend the months of June, July and August on vacation in Turkey. Especially in the coastal regions of Turkey, a large number of tourists live. It is observed that these people have a holiday in safety and peace. You can find detailed information on these subjects in the article titled “Which Are the Best Holiday Villages in Turkey“. We also recommend you to read the article titled “How is the Weather in Turkey in October” for information on Turkey’s climate and weather conditions.  The police force in Turkey is very advanced. Turkey is a completely safe and livable country. You can find detailed information on this subject in the article titled “Is Turkey Safe“. It can also be said that Turkey is a very cheap country for people using Dollar, Euro, Riyal and Ruble. It is possible to have a holiday in Turkey with very low costs. It is known that many people prefer Turkey for their vacation for this reason. Hotel and restaurant prices are extremely reasonable. You can review the article titled “Is Turkey Expensive” on this subject.

Turkey is a NATO member country. It has close relations with many European countries and the USA. We recommend you to review the article titled “Is Turkey in NATO” on this subject.

The security of tourists is well ensured in Turkey. The crime rate against tourists is very low. It is also known that the Turkish police take serious measures for the safety of tourists. In addition, it is seen that private security forces are also working on this issue. Those who take a holiday in Turkey will not have any problems with security. Turkey is one of the most ideal countries to be preferred for a holiday. Turkey is also extremely safe in terms of health. The Covid-19 process in Turkey has almost come to an end. Corona cases in the country are at a very low level. In addition, curfews have been completely lifted. For this reason, there is no harm in terms of health to take a holiday in Turkey. You can find detailed information on this subject in the articles titled “Is Turkey on the Red List” and “Should I Go to Turkey in Quarantine?”

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