The majority of people in Turkey are Muslims. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Islam. You can find details on this subject in the articles titled “Which Religion is Turkey” and “Is Turkey a Muslim Country?“. Although most of the people in Turkey are Muslims, it is known that most of the people living in coastal areas and having a secular lifestyle consume alcohol.

With the recent price hikes in Turkey, the price of alcohol products has increased considerably. You can find general information about living conditions and prices in Turkey in the article titled “Is Turkey Expensive“. The sale of alcohol is not prohibited in Turkey. It is legal to sell alcohol in Turkey. Alcohol is readily available in some malls and kiosks. People living in Turkey generally use alcohol products such as beer, raki and vodka. Alcohol products such as whiskey and wine are known to be very expensive. Such alcohol products can only be consumed by wealthy people in Turkey.

According to researches, alcohol addiction is around 22% in Turkey. In other words, almost one out of every 5 Turks consumes alcohol. Again, according to researches, the average age of trying alcohol products is 19.

According to researches, 80% of the population in Turkey does not look favorably on people who consume alcohol and they do not like this situation. Cigarette addiction along with alcohol is very common in Turkey. It is said that Turks consume more cigarettes than European countries and America. In addition, hookah and electronic cigarette addiction has increased in recent years. These issues are explained in the article titled “Why Turks Smoke So Much“.

It is known that people who drink alcohol in Turkey are mostly men. In Turkey, the rate of those who consume alcohol among men is 34%, while the rate of those who consume alcohol among women is around 10%. There are many alcoholic hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and other entertainment centers in Turkey. It is known that there are many alcoholic entertainment centers especially in Istanbul and the capital Ankara. Since the interior of Turkey is conservative, it can often be difficult to find a place that sells alcohol and an entertainment center that sells alcohol. It is also known that the type of alcohol known as ‘Turkish Rakı’ is famous. Raki produced in Turkey is a widely consumed alcoholic beverage. Although it is not known by whom and where raki was first found, the prevailing opinion is that this type of drink was produced in the Ottoman lands. Turkey has foods and beverages that are famous all over the world. You can learn this information in the article titled “What Turkey Is Most Famous For“.

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