There are many universities in Turkey. Turkish youth are entitled to enter the university exam after 12 years of education. If they are successful in this exam, they can get into the department they want at the university they want. Turks studying in Turkey cannot enter the university without an exam. There are 131 state universities and 78 private foundations in Turkey. Turkish students have to take the exam to enter both state and foundation universities. Some foundation universities accept scholarship students to a small part of their quotas. Scholarships awarded usually cover 50% and 25% of the university fee. It is also seen that 100% scholarship is given to the students who are ranked.

However, it can be seen that some universities in Turkey enroll international students without examination. There are many institutions in Turkey to enroll university students without examination. In order to enroll in a university in Turkey without taking the exam, you should contact a firm that provides reliable and quality consultancy and brokerage services. It is known that many companies provide training consultancy. There are many universities in Turkey that accept foreign students. Some of these universities are state-affiliated, while others are private. There is a fee to study at private universities. For general information about university prices and university education in Turkey, see the article titled “Studying University in Turkey“.

It may be possible for some international universities to place students at universities in Turkey without examination. If you enroll in these international universities owned by private foundations, you can study at a university in Turkey. We recommend that you contact international universities operating in Turkey in this regard. It is known that many international foundation universities provide education opportunities in Turkey.
University education in Turkey is very good, advantageous and cheap. For the currency used in Turkey, prices and general information, read the articles titled “Is Turkey Expensive” and “Which Currency Does Turkey Use“?

University education in Turkey usually starts in September. For detailed information on this subject, read the article titled “When Does University Start in Turkey“.

There are universities in almost all provinces of Turkey. Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city. There are currently 57 universities in Istanbul. 13 of them are affiliated to the Turkish State. The remaining 44 belong to private foundations. Istanbul is the city with the highest number of university students in Turkey. Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You can find detailed information about Istanbul in the articles titled “What Turkey Is Most Famous For” and “Hagia Sophia“. In addition, there are 21 universities in total in the capital Ankara. 8 of these universities are universities established by the Turkish State. The remaining 13 universities are managed by private foundations.

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