Turkey is a big country with a population of 84 million, developed trade and industry. In 1923, the Republic was declared in Turkey and the Ottoman Sultanate was abolished. Turkey is a democratic country governed by the Republic.

Turkey is a country with the largest land army in Europe. Every man who reaches the age of 20 in the country performs compulsory military service. University students are recruited after their education. In addition, many professional soldiers take part in the Turkish army. It is said that the total number of personnel of the Turkish army is around 600,000. Turkey is a NATO member country. Read the article titled “Is Turkey a NATO Member” on this subject.

There is a developed police force in Turkey. The police force is subordinate to the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Süleyman Soylu is currently the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Turkey.

Turkey is located between European countries and Middle Eastern countries. For geographical information about Turkey, read the article titled “Is Turkey in Europe“. Turkey’s borders are Greece and Bulgaria in the west, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran in the east, Iraq and Syria in the south. Read the article titled “With Which Countries Does Turkey Border” for information on Turkey’s relations with its border neighbors.

Turkey is a very safe country. The Turkish Police Force currently has approximately 330 thousand personnel. There is a developed police organization in Turkey. It is known that the Police Service recruits between 5 and 20 thousand new police each year. In Turkey, the police are civil servants. Being a Turkish citizen is a must in order to be a police officer in Turkey. The type of crime that follows the injury crime is crimes against property. Statistics of crime in Turkey differ from region to region. However, crime rates are very low, especially in tourism regions.


Tourism is very developed in Turkey, especially in coastal areas. Many people come to Turkey for vacation and sightseeing. Read the article titled “Which Are the Best Holiday Villages in Turkey” on this subject. Tourists coming to Turkey can have a happy and peaceful holiday. Turkey is a very suitable country for travel, vacation, sightseeing, investment and work. The safety of life and property is guaranteed by laws. It would be unfair to Turkey to compare Turkey with other Middle Eastern countries in this regard.
You can find detailed information on this subject in the article titled “Is Turkey in the Middle East“.

Many tourists come to Turkey every year. Holiday and travel costs in Turkey are quite low. You can find information about the currency and prices used in Turkey in the articles titled “Is Turkey Expensive” and “Which Currency Does Turkey Use“.



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