Turkey is a large country with a population of 84 million. It is a shining star in the rapidly developing and developing Turkey region. You can learn general information about Turkey from the articles titled “Is Turkey in Europe” and “What Is Turkey Most Famous For“. As many countries have been affected by the Covid-19 process, Turkey has also been affected. Quarantine measures have been implemented in the country for a while. During the covid-19 process, a large number of people in Turkey got corona disease and many people died due to corona. According to official records, 15 million 900 thousand people have been infected with the corona disease. The number of people who died in Turkey due to corona is 99,341.


Many countries have brought travel restrictions to Turkey due to Covid-19. European countries, England and many other countries have brought travel restrictions to Turkey. It is known that England removed Turkey from the red list. It is known that the UK has lifted the travel ban for all countries. The European Union has a list of travelable countries. This list is constantly updated. According to the course of the corona pandemic in Turkey, it appears to be in or out of this list. People who want to travel to Turkey should take a look at this list. We also recommend you to read the article titled “Is Turkey on the Green List” on this subject.

There is currently no quarantine in Turkey. There is no closure due to Covid-19 in Turkey. Living conditions have returned to their normal course. There is currently no mask requirement in Turkey. However, it is observed that some people who want to protect themselves from the virus wear masks. Especially in big cities and crowded environments, people often wear masks. People often wear masks on public transport. There is currently a decrease in the number of people infected with corona in Turkey. It is said that traveling to Turkey does not pose a risk at this stage. Many countries have removed Turkey from the red list. There are no travel restrictions to Turkey. Finally, Saudi Arabia removed Turkey from the red list. Citizens of Saudi Arabia can now travel to Turkey. With the lifting of the travel ban by Saudi Arabia, many people came to Turkey. Because there are many investment and job opportunities in Turkey. You can find general information about investing in Turkey in the articles titled “Investing in Turkey” and “Establishing a Company in Turkey“.Health services in Turkey are highly developed. Health services are provided in European standards in both Turkish state hospitals and private hospitals. You can find information about entering quarantine after traveling to Turkey in the article titled “Should I Go to Quarantine When I Go to Turkey“.

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