The 3 World Theory is a political theory put forward by the Chinese revolutionary Mao. This political theory was developed during the so-called ‘Cold War’ period. According to this theory, 1st World Countries consist of US allies such as USA and European countries, New Zealand and Australia. The 2nd World Countries consist of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the countries acting together with the USSR. In addition, some communist states are counted among the 2nd World States. Mao Zedong described the People’s Republic of China as an independent country and kept it separate from these two blocks. Mao adopted the People’s Republic of China as the 3rd World.

Although there are intense relations between Turkey and the Russian Federation, it cannot be said that the two countries support each other. It is often seen that the interests of the two countries sometimes conflict. According to the 3 world theory, Turkey is not a 2nd world country. Since Turkey is a NATO member, it is among the 1st World Countries. Because Turkey was not a member of the USSR during the USSR period. Also, it cannot be said that Turkey acted with the USSR. For Turkey’s relations with NATO, the USA and the European Union, you can review the articles titled “Is Turkey in NATO” and “Is Turkey in Europe“? .It is in the queue. Turkey has the largest army in Europe. It is known that Turkey played a role in the resolution of the grain crisis in Ukraine. The negotiations, mediated by Turkey, were held in Istanbul. With the agreement signed between Ukraine and Russia, it was decided to open the ‘Grain Corridor’. This event is seen as Turkey’s diplomatic victory. You can find detailed information on this subject in the article titled “How Far is Turkey from Ukraine“. According to IMF data, Turkey ranks 21st in the world in terms of economic size. According to the researches, the per capita income in Turkey is 6,354 Dollars. You can read the article “Is Turkey Expensive” for the general economic structure of Turkey.

Turkey is a member of many international organizations. Turkey, which has relations with many states and international organizations, is a developing country. Especially in Turkey, where the young population is high, there are many job opportunities. We recommend the article titled “Is There a Job in Turkey” on these issues.

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