Turkey is approximately 3,000 km from Russia. Turkey’s largest metropolis, Istanbul, and Russia’s capital, Moscow, are 2,300 km away. There is no land border between Turkey and Russia. There are intense and warm relations between Turkey and Russia. Some western political commentators say that they are worried about the rapprochement of Turkey and Russia. Read the article titled “Does Turkey Support Russia” on this subject. But this is not a common occurrence. Because the distance is too much. For this reason, most of the people traveling from Russia to Turkey prefer the airline.

There are many flights between Turkey and Russia.
Many people come to Turkey from Russia. A large number of Russian Federation citizens visit Turkey for education, trade, culture-arts and holidays. There are wonderful holiday destinations in Turkey. Read the article titled “Which Are the Best Holiday Villages in Turkey” on this subject. You can also find information about the expenses you will make in Turkey in the article titled “How Much Does a Trip to Turkey Cost“.

Flight ticket prices between Russia and Turkey may vary depending on the airline you will use and the city you are going to. In June, July and August, a large number of people from Russia come to the coastal regions of Turkey for vacation.

For this reason, it is seen that air ticket prices are more expensive in June, July and August. It is known that some tour companies organize package holiday programs and thus provide flight tickets with more affordable prices. For this, you should contact a reliable tour company.

Flight tickets between Russia and Turkey differ from city to city. For example, you can find tickets from Moscow, which has frequent flights, between 800 Rubles and 3,500 Rubles on average. But sometimes it can be seen that ticket prices are around 15-20.000 Rubles. It is seen that these prices increase in some periods due to the intense demand for flight tickets. Also, in some cases, a visa may be required in Turkey. Read the article titled “How Much is a Visa to Turkey” on this subject.

The average flight ticket between Moscow and Istanbul is around 800-850 rubles. There are flights from Moscow to Antalya and Ankara. There are also flights to Turkey from St Petersbug, Kazan. Flight prices from Moscow to Antalya are around 1000 Rubles. The airline company, the date you will go to Turkey and the distance of the city you will arrive at affect the ticket prices.

You must have health and travel insurance when entering Turkey. On this subject, you can take a look at the article titled “Is Turkey Travel Insurance Included in Europe”.

Vacationing in Turkey is quite safe and low cost. On this subject, read the article titled “Is It Safe to Take a Vacation in Turkey Right Now“. Also, read the article titled “What It Takes to Enter Turkey” for the information you will need to travel to Turkey. We recommend you to read the articles titled “Is Turkey Expensive” and “How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Turkey” on price and value for money in Turkey.

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