There are currently 209 universities in Turkey. 131 of these universities are affiliated to the Turkish State. The remaining 78 universities are foundation-owned universities.

There are approximately 8 million university students in Turkey. Experts state that there are more than enough universities in Turkey and there are too many university quotas. However, it is preferred by the ruling party and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Turkey to have at least one university in each province.

There is a total of 12 years of education in Turkey, 4+4+4. At the end of 12 years of education, students take an exam for university entrance. Students choose a university according to the scores they get as a result of this exam. Turkish students do not pay any fees if they study at state universities. However, due to the large number of university students in Turkey, dormitory and accommodation problems are encountered. Most universities do not have adequate dormitories.

There are many foreign students studying at university in Turkey. There are approximately 600,000 international students in Turkey. It is free for Turks to study at state universities in Turkey. However, foreign students studying at state universities in Turkey pay a fee. The amount of this fee is decided by the senate of each university. Private universities affiliated to foundations are paid for both Turkish and international students.

There are 78 private universities in Turkey. Many of these universities are said to provide quality education services. Considering the value of TL, the currency used in Turkey, against the dollar, euro, riyal and ruble, it is very convenient and cheap to study at a university in Turkey. Private university prices determined for the 2022-2023 academic season in Turkey are generally around 80-100,000 TL. When this price is calculated in dollars, it is approximately between 4,700 and 5,900 dollars. If we specify the university prices in Turkey in euros, it can be said that it is in the range of 4.400 – 5.300 Euros. University prices in Turkey are around 23,500 Rubles and 30,000 Rubles in rubles. However, the price of some parts may be higher. For example, a student at the Faculty of Medicine receives between 140.000 TL and 200.000 TL per year. When these fees are calculated in dollars, they are approximately between 8,200 and 11,800 dollars. If it is calculated in Euros, it is between 7.600 Euros and 10.800 Euros. Studying at the Faculty of Medicine in Turkey varies between about 40,000 Rubles and 60,000 Rubles.


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Turkey, African countries, Far East countries, Central Asian countries, China, India, European countries, USA, It accepts students from almost every country in the world, including Australia, Canada and Latin American countries. There are many private universities in Turkey that provide high quality education services. It is enough to contact these private universities affiliated with foundations and choose the field you want to study. It is possible to get cheap and quality university education in Turkey.
Many students come to Turkey for university education.

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