What Do People Eat In Turkey?

Food Culture in Turkey?

How is the Food in Turkey?

Do Turks Eat Fast Food?

1-) What Do People Eat in Turkey? Food Culture in Turkey ?

There is a highly developed food culture in Turkey. It can be said that Turkish people love food very much. Although there are differences according to the regions, Turkish food in general is quite delicious and diverse. In general, it is observed that Turks like meat dishes more. However, there are also more herbal dishes according to the regions.
Turks generally eat 3 meals a day. In Turkey, people generally consume foods such as eggs, dairy products, french fries and sausages for breakfast. At lunch, they consume different kinds of soups made from various ingredients, dishes made from meat and legumes, and various appetizers. Meat dishes are generally preferred for dinner. 99% of the Turkish population consists of Muslims. Eating pork is prohibited in Islam. For this reason, pork is not preferred in the country. Meat dishes are mostly obtained from cow and sheep meat. It is also observed that juicy meals are made from pulses group foods such as beans and chickpeas. On the other hand, it is observed that chicken meat is highly preferred in Turkey. Because chicken meat, which is cheaper than cow and sheep meat, is consumed a lot. In Turkey, the food made from cow and chicken meat and called “DÖNER” is extremely famous. It is possible to come across fast food restaurants selling “Doner” in many regions of Turkey. This food is famous in many places. It is a type of food that is cooked by rotating the meat around a grill.

It is said that Turkish food culture is most similar to Italian food culture. It is known that many Italian chefs work in Turkey. Even the famous Italian chef Danilo Zanna lives in Turkey and is a jury member in the Master Chef program broadcast in Turkey.

2-) How is the Food in Turkey ?

It is said that tourists who come to Turkey like Turkish food very much. There are many famous foods in Turkey. As an example of these; Meat dishes called ‘Iskender’, ‘Adana Kebab’ made in Adana, Turkey’s gateway to the Mediterranean Sea, and ‘Urfa Kebab’ made in the southeastern province of Urfa are quite famous. On the other hand, there is a sweet food called ‘Turkish Delight’ which is famous all over the world.

The food called ‘Maraş ice cream’, which is made in the province of Turkey named Maraş and consumed cold and sweet, is also a very famous and popular food. In the cities on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, various dishes are made with ‘anchovy’ fish. In the regions of Turkey located on the Aegean Sea side, vegetable dishes and olive oil foods are generally preferred.

3-) Fast Food in Turkey ?

In addition to traditional dishes, it is also possible to find fast food dishes known all over the world in Turkey. For example, it is quite easy to reach foods such as hamburger and pizza. World-famous brands such as McDonald’s and Burgerking are available in almost every city in Turkey. In addition, world-famous pizza brands operate in Turkey. This type of fast food is very common in many regions, especially in shopping malls.

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