Turkey is a country located between Europe and the Middle East countries. We recommend that you read the articles titled “Is Turkey in Europe” and “Is Turkey in the Middle East” on this subject.

Turkey, which is highly developed in terms of trade and industry, continues to develop rapidly. Turkey has a young and dynamic population. Young people make up the majority of the population.

According to the latest census, the population of Turkey is 84 million 680 thousand people. In Turkey, 50.1% of the population is men and 49.9% is women. Istanbul is the most populous city in Turkey. The population of Istanbul is 15 million 840 thousand. After Istanbul, the city with the highest population density is Ankara. Ankara has a population of 4 million 425 thousand. The population of İzmir, the face of Turkey opening to the Aegean Sea, is 3 million 147 thousand.

According to researches, 14% to 15% of the population in Turkey consists of young people. According to recent studies, some of the female population has entered the working life. You can read the article titled “Job Opportunities in Turkey” on this subject.
You can read the article titled “Job Opportunities in Turkey“.

According to research, Turkey constitutes 1% of the world’s population. Turkey ranks 19th among 235 countries in the world in terms of population. Turkey’s population is more than most European countries. In addition, although the population growth rate has slowed in recent years, there is still population growth. The population in Turkey increases by 1% every year on average. It is estimated that Turkey will have a population of around 85 million next year. It is known that Turkish families generally have 1 or 2 children.

It is known that President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan supports population growth. In weddings and weddings attended by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, people who get married say ‘have at least 3 children’.

Public personnel who have children in Turkey are given convenience. Mothers giving birth are given pregnancy and breastfeeding leave for long periods. It is estimated that the Turkish State will take measures to increase the population growth.

Turkey is 770 thousand square kilometers in size. Tourism in Turkey, which is spread over a very large area, is highly developed. It is known that a large number of people come to Turkey for a holiday. On this subject, you can refer to the article titled “Which Are the Best Holiday Villages in Turkey“.

The majority of the population in Turkey believes in the religion of Islam. There are also Christians and Jews living in small groups. You can learn about the religion of Turkey in the articles titled “Which Religion is Turkey” and “Is Turkey a Muslim Country“.

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