Turkey is a large and developed country. Lots of people visit Turkey. You can find general information about Turkey in articles titled “What is Turkey’s Population Today” and “What Turkey Is Most Famous For“. There are 81 provinces in Turkey. Each province has its own famous areas. The most striking area in Turkey is the food culture. Almost all provinces have their own famous dishes. Turks have a highly developed food culture. Read the article titled “What Do People Eat in Turkey” on this subject.

The currency used in Turkey is TL. TL has low value against dollar and ruble. 1 dollar is approximately 17 TL, 1 ruble is 3.5 TL. For this reason, Turkey is an extremely suitable country for investment, trade and shopping. Read the articles titled “Investing in Turkey”, “Creating a Company in Turkey” and “Is There a Business in Turkey” on these topics.
Shopping in Turkey is very advantageous and wise. It is known that a large number of tourists come to Turkey for sightseeing and vacation and shop here. According to the researches, the area where tourists spend the most in Turkey is the restaurant and cafe sector. This sector is followed by transportation costs. The area where they spend the most money after transportation is accommodation. There are wonderful resorts in Turkey.
Please read the article titled “Which Are the Best Holiday Villages in Turkey” on the subject.

It is seen that tourists make expenditures such as souvenirs, textile products and shoes in Turkey. It is also known that tourists coming to Turkey make health expenditures. The health sector in Turkey is highly developed. Health care services are provided in almost European standards in hospitals. In addition, it is seen that some health sectors are very developed. For example, many people come to Turkey to have a hair transplant. Because hair transplantation in Turkey is cheap and reliable. You can find information on this subject in the article titled “How Much is Hair Transplantation in Turkey“.

One of the most beautiful gifts that can be taken from Turkey is Turkish Delight. Turkish Delight is a world famous delicacy. Sold in packs, this food can easily fit in suitcases and bags. In addition, since it is not heavy in weight, it does not take up much space in a bag or suitcase. Turkish Delight is not an easily perishable type of food. For this reason, it can be easily moved from one place to another. It is known that many tourists like Turkish Delight and take it with them when returning from Turkey to their country. You can find detailed information about Turkish delight in the article titled “What Turkey Is Most Famous For.” In Turkey, the summer season is experienced in June, July and August. Especially in these seasons, leather jacket prices are discounted.

─░is seen that many people buy leather jackets on their way back to their country.

Carpets woven by hand are very famous in Turkey. There is a great interest in carpets made by hand. Although it is expensive compared to factory product carpets, handcrafted carpets are sold in large numbers. On the other hand, another product preferred by people coming to Turkey is the goods made of porcelain. Items such as porcelain plates and glasses are taken. In addition, it is seen that porcelain with tile decoration is more expensive.

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