In Turkey, 4 seasons can be experienced simultaneously in different regions. Climate and weather conditions differ according to regions in Turkey. December, January, February and March are generally winter months in Turkey. In June, July and August, the summer season is experienced. Winter in Turkey varies according to regions. In the region, which includes Istanbul and called ‘Marmara’, winter is usually cold and snowy. In fact, with the effect of heavy snow from time to time, traffic in Istanbul came to a standstill, and many of the people could not go to their homes. In the region of Turkey that opens to the Aegean Sea, winters are generally mild.

In the Mediterranean Region, there is generally no snow in winter and it is possible to swim in the sea even in October, November and December. We recommend you to read the article titled “How is the weather in Turkey in October?”  Fishing for commercial or hobby purposes is extremely common in Turkey.

In addition, Turkey’s winter tourism is very developed. Many ski resorts operate in Turkey. It can be said that these ski resorts are world class. The region named ‘Uludağ’ in Bursa province of Turkey and the region named ‘Palandöken’ within the borders of Erzurum province are examples of ski resorts. It is known that many ski enthusiasts come from many countries to these regions for their winter holidays. Accommodation and other expenses in Uludag and Palandöken regions are quite cheap. In addition, considering the value of the Turkish currency TL against currencies such as dollar, euro, ruble and riyal, it is quite attractive to spend a winter holiday in Turkey. We recommend you to read the article “Is Turkey Expensive?” Especially in the provinces of ‘Erzurum’, ‘Sivas’, ‘Ağrı’, ‘Ardahan’ and ‘Kars’, the winter season is very harsh.

In these regions, it is seen that the temperature drops down to -40 degrees. However, in other parts of Turkey, the winter season is not so harsh. Most areas receive snow 2 or 3 times a year. For this reason, many activities that can be done in the summer and spring seasons in Turkey can also be done in the winter season.

Turkey is a very attractive and cheap country for winter holidays. Hotel and other fees are quite reasonable. On the other hand, it is extremely important how much cash you bring for your expenses in Turkey. We recommend that you read the article “How Much Cash Can I Bring to Turkey” on this subject.

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