When Does University Start in Turkey? Which are the Best Universities in Turkey? How Much is a University in Turkey? Is University Expensive in Turkey?


1-) When does University start in Turkey?

There are many universities in Turkey. There are 129 state-affiliated universities in Turkey. There are also 75 universities managed by private institutions. In total, there are 208 universities in Turkey. Getting a university education in Turkey is extremely easy and cost-effective. Turkey is a very cheap, viable country with developed job opportunities. These topics are covered in articles titled “Is Turkey Expensive?” and “Is There a Job in Turkey“. University education in Turkey is of very high quality. It is known that many universities provide education at advanced standards.


Universities in Turkey generally start their activities at the end of September. It is seen that some universities start education at the beginning of October. Generally, education starts in all universities between the end of September and the beginning of October.
Approximately 2 million people take university entrance exams every year in Turkey. It is known that 200-250 thousand international students receive university education in Turkey. Many people come to Turkey for university education. There is interest for the university, especially from various Arab countries to Turkey. It is known that a large number of people studying at universities in Turkey enter the working life. You can take a look at the article titled “Job Opportunities in Turkey” on this subject.

2-) Which are the Best Universities in Turkey?


According to the researches, the top 10 universities in Turkey are as follows:


1-) Hacettepe University

2-) Middle East Technical University (METU)

3-) Koç University

4-) Istanbul Technical University (ITU)

5-) Istanbul University

6-) Ankara University

7-) Gazi University

😎 Ege University

9-) Sabancı University

10-) Bilkent University


The best universities in Turkey are generally concentrated in the capital Ankara and the largest metropolis, Istanbul. It is also known that there are many public and private universities in different provinces of Turkey.


3-) How Much is University in Turkey? How Much is University in Turkey?

Considering the value of TL, the currency used in Turkey, against currencies such as dollar, euro, riyal and ruble, it is extremely cheap to study at university in Turkey. We recommend the article titled “Is Turkey Expensive” on this subject. There are many private universities in Turkey. These universities are known to provide quality education. University prices, It varies according to the university and department to be studied. University fees in Turkey vary between $2,000 and $25,000 per year. This cost is between 1,800 Euros and 23,000 Euros in Euros. In addition, university prices in Turkey vary between 12,000 Rubles and 120,000 rubles.

Dormitory and hotel fees in Turkey are also quite affordable. Dormitory and hotel fees vary according to the university to be changed.

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