Turkey is a big country with an area of ​​780 thousand square kilometers. The largest city in the country is Istanbul with a population of 15 million. Istanbul is a unique city with its historical monuments, magnificent Bosphorus view, natural beauties, and many entertainment venues. The most important city to see in Turkey is Istanbul. Many tourists come to see historical monuments and magnificent natural beauties. Istanbul hosts a large number of tourists every year. Since the currency used in Turkey has a lower value compared to currencies such as dollar, euro, ruble and riyal, it is very advantageous and cheap to travel and vacation in Turkey. You can read the articles titled ”Which Currency Does Turkey Use”, ”Is Turkey Expensive” and ”Which Are Turkey’s Best Holiday Villages” on this subject.

Accommodation varies according to the purpose of your trip to Turkey. The most suitable regions for a sea holiday are the coastal part of Turkey. Especially in Muğla, Antalya, İzmir and Mersin, there are wonderful holiday villages and magnificent beaches. Transportation from Russia to Turkey is very easy and cheap. You can find flight ticket prices and visa information between Turkey and Russia in the articles titled “How Long is the Turkey-Russia Ticket” and “How Long Does a Turkey Visa Take“? There are many 5-star hotels here. It is seen that people who come to Antalya for holiday generally prefer Alanya, Kemer, Side, Belek and Manavgat regions. It is known that many Russian citizens come to Turkey for a sea vacation in June, July and August. It is almost impossible to find vacancies in hotels in Antalya during these months. For this reason, we recommend that you make your holiday reservation in advance.

There are many tour companies that organize holidays and excursions from Russia to Turkey. It is seen that these tour companies offer holiday packages that cover transportation, accommodation, excursion organizations and many other services. For this, you should contact a reliable tour company. You can read the articles titled “How Much Does a Trip to Turkey Cost” and “How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Turkey” on this subject.
Turkey does not apply visas to citizens coming from Russia for a certain period of time. But if you are planning a longer holiday, you should get a visa from Turkey. You can find information on this subject in the articles titled “How Long Does a Turkey Visa Take” and “What It Takes to Enter Turkey“.

There are also many historical artifacts in Turkey. There are many cities with historical monuments. Examples of these are Konya and Denizli. If you are interested in historical artifacts, we recommend you to visit the provinces of Konya and Denizli. Read the articles titled ”Where is Pamukkale in Turkey” on this subject.

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