Turkey and Russia are two countries that have close relations. Although there are political tensions between Turkey and Russia from time to time, relations are currently very good. For relations between Turkey and Russia, take a look at the articles titled “Does Turkey Support Russia” and “Is Turkey a Second World Country“.
There are political, cultural and economic ties between Turkey and Russia. It is known that many Russian citizens go to Turkey for vacation and sightseeing. Read the articles titled “Which Are the Best Holiday Villages in Turkey” and “How Much Does a Turkey Trip Cost” on this subject.

The Ottoman Empire and the Russian Tsardom fought many times. However, after the First World War, good relations were developed between the Bolsheviks, who seized power in Russia at that time during the Turkish War of Independence, and the Turkish Grand National Assembly, which carried out the Turkish War of Independence. These good relations deteriorated in 1945 and Turkey became a member of NATO. Read the article titled “Is Turkey a NATO Member” on this subject.

The Bahçesaray Treaty is also called the Cehrin Treaty. The Treaty of Bakhchisaray was signed on January 3, 1681. This treaty was signed in Crimea. The parties to the treaty are the Russian Tsardom, the Crimean Khanate and the Ottoman Empire. This treaty is known as the first official treaty between the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Tsardom. Between 1676 and 1681, the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Tsardom fought.

This war is the first war of the two states. During the war, there was Tsar Alexei I in the Tsardom of Russia, and Sultan Avci Mehmet was on the Ottoman throne. Kara Mustafa Pasha from Merzifon was the commander of the Ottoman armies. The war lasted for 5 years and as a result, the Russian Tsardom was defeated. According to this agreement, there would be no war for 20 years between the Russian Tsardom and the Ottoman Empire, and a 20-year period of peace would prevail.

The Ottoman Empire was a powerful state at that time. Tsardom of Russia, which has just become stronger as a result of the 5-year war, did not want to enter a second war with the Ottoman Empire. While the Ottoman forces were preparing for war, the Russian Tsar requested peace. This peace request was accepted by the Ottoman Emperor Avcı Mehmet. According to this treaty, the border between the two states would be the Dnieper, also known as Ozi River. Historians state that both the Ottoman Empire and the Crimean Khanate profited from this treaty. The Tsardom of Russia, which was not very strong at that time, made this agreement because it did not want to lose more territory by going to war with the Ottoman Empire.

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