It is seen that smoking rates are very high in Turkey. Many people in Turkey are addicted to cigarettes. There are many reasons for this situation. It is known that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is against smoking. It is seen that President Erdogan is struggling with smoking. It has even been seen that another Erdogan takes cigarette packs from their pockets when he encounters smokers. However, there are still a large number of people who smoke in Turkey.

Tobacco was first brought to Anatolia by sailors from Genoa in history. Tobacco products were banned in Turkey during the Ottoman Empire. After Mustafa Kemal Atatürk declared the Republic in Turkey on October 29, 1923, tobacco production passed under the control of the state. The Turkish State established an institution called ‘Tekel’.

Until 1986, the authority to sell cigarettes in Turkey belonged only to the state. But in 1986, companies were allowed to sell cigarettes. In 1991, foreign companies were given the right to establish a cigarette factory in Turkey. Thus, many international cigarette brands began to operate in Turkey. Brands such as Philip Morris & Marlbora, Winston and Camel have established factories in Turkey. Currently, almost all of the cigarette brands in Turkey are international cigarette brands. There is no domestic cigarette brand in Turkey.

Smoking was allowed indoors for a while in Turkey. Smoking was allowed even on intercity buses. However, with the adoption of harmonization laws, especially in the candidacy process for the European Union, smoking in indoor areas was prohibited. In Turkey, those who smoke indoors are fined.

According to recent studies, 45% of the adult population in Turkey is addicted to cigarettes. It is known that smoking addiction is higher in men. In addition, smokers include people who consume more than 1 pack of cigarettes per day.

Turks have always been a nation fond of tobacco products. It is known that hookah and cigarettes have been consumed a lot in Turkey since ancient times. There are various reasons for this situation. Experts attribute the most important reason for the high rate of smoking in Turkey to the ‘coffee house culture’ that has existed since ancient times. Since the Ottoman times, hookah and cigarettes have been consumed in coffee houses in Turkey.

The first coffeehouses in the Ottoman Empire were opened in the 16th century.
Since then, it has been known that hookah and tobacco products have been consumed alongside coffee.
Another reason for smoking is that it is seen in the family. Due to the high number of smoking parents in Turks, it is observed that the rate of starting smoking is very high by taking the parent as an example.
Currently, cigarette production is carried out in 8 factories in Turkey. There have been huge hikes in the price of cigarettes recently. Currently, cigarette prices in Turkey range from 1.5 USD to 2 USD. But these prices are quite high for Turkish people. For this reason, tobacco consumption has increased more than cigarettes in Turkey recently.

Tobacco produced in Turkey’s Adıyaman province is very popular. Tobacco smokers show a lot of interest in the tobacco produced in Adıyaman.
In addition to smoking, there is also alcohol addiction in Turkey. Many people consume alcohol. You can find detailed information on this subject in the article titled “Is the Sale of Alcohol Prohibited in Turkey“.


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